No Data is Clean But Most is Useful

With decades in experience as a data scientist consultant and instructor, Dean utilizes his expertise to navigate the intricacies of imperfect data turning complexities into informative opportunity and raw information into actionable insights.


Dean Abbott is President of Abbott Analytics and currently is the Bodily Bicentennial Professor in Analytics at UVA Darden School of Business. He is an internationally recognized thought leader and innovator in data science and predictive analytics with more than three decades of experience solving problems in customer analytics, fraud detection, risk modeling, text mining, survey analysis and is frequently included in lists of the top pioneering and influential data scientists in the world.

Mr. Abbott is the author of "Applied Predictive Analytics" (Wiley, 2014, 2nd Edition forthcoming) and coauthor of "The IBM SPSS Modeler Cookbook" (Packt Publishing, 2013). He is a popular keynote speaker and bootcamp/workshop instructor at conferences worldwide and serves on advisory boards for the UC/Irvine Predictive Analytics and UC/San Diego Data Science Certificate programs. Mr. Abbott holds a bachelor’s degree in computational mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of Virginia.


Here's How Dean Can Help

I can help you uncover how to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to real-world problems, find hidden gems in your data, and communicate findings in language the business understands.

Typical Engagements

Books by Dean

A professional in his field, Dan has authored/ co-authored several books to help everyone in the data analytics path. Be it a newcomer or you’re just looking to extend your wealth of knowledge, I got you covered.

Dawn M Daras
Long awaited book on IBM SPSS modeler
This is a long awaited addition to books on IBM SPSS Modeler by expert modelers and trainers in the field.The writing is clear and engaging. I highly recommend.

Upcoming Conference

PAW Business Keynote
Vienna House Andel's Berlin, Berlin, Germany 
Consulted for top companies


Orincon (now Lockheed Martin)
Elite Analytics (no longer active)
SPSS (now IBM)
Elder Research, Inc.
The Modeling Agency (now TMA, LLC)
Seer Analytics, LLC



Partner: Seer Analytics; Survey analysis, likelihood to renew, recommend to a friend, satisfaction

 Department of Treasury: IRS (LMSB, now LB&I)

Partner: The Modeling Agency;

Noncompliance for large corporate tax returns: S-Corps (F1120S), Partnerships (F1065), C-Corps

Center for SEAL and SWCC (Navy Special Warfare Command)

Partner: Elder Research and IBM; Predict candidates who will continue Phase I training through Hell Week; Optimize candidate selection for Chief Petty Officer review.

TN Marketing

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Ensemble modeling for upsell modeling, subscription modeling

Revenue Canada

Parter: Elite Analytics; Predict tax owed by non-filer, age and recovery potential of tax debt

Department of Defense: Air Force

Partner: Intelligent Automation Corporation; Predict LD50 toxicity likelihood for compounds based on chemical structure.

 Department of Defense: Marine Corps

Partner: Orincon; Predict likelihood of future severe failure of engines

Department of Defense: Defense Finance Accounting Service

Partner: Elder Research; Identify invoices likely to be suspicious/improper; Identify government credit card misuse

Peregrine Systems (acquired by HP)

Partner: Elder Research; “Optimal IT”; model IT support bottlenecks and optimize prioritization of tickets


Partner: The Modeling Agency; Likelihood to respond to contact; customer segmentation


Cross-sell and churn modeling; data scientist hiring process/test

Kaiser Permanente

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Medicare customer acquisition.

Los Angeles Times

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Predict new subscriptions, renewed subscriptions; subscription forecasting

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Partner: Elite Analytics; Predict age and recovery potential of tax debt

Alaska Airlines

Partner: The Modeling Agency; On-time likelihood models


Partner: The Modeling Agency; Metadata analysis to determine if Ragweed is resistant to Roundup (presented at Southern Weed Society conference)

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What Clients Say

Dean is an insightful thinker who can quickly get to the core of the problem and who can consistently provide useful solutions. It has been a pleasure to work with him on several projects.

Dariusz Wroblewski

President BioFormatix, Inc.

Dariusz Wroblewski

Dean has been instrumental in the success of our data mining and predictive analytic projects. He was influential during the process of selecting and integrating data mining tools into our BI architecture. We also hired Dean a number of times to collaborate and guide us through projects, where predictive analytics was essential to the success of our business. Dean has the rare combination of technical expertise and the ability to communicate clearly, complicated data mining solutions to a general audience. If you’re looking for someone to introduce data mining to your organization, or collaborate on a predictive analytics solution, Dean is your one stop shop.

Brian Siegel

Director of Analytics at The Lacek Group

Brian Siegel

I have worked with Dean in the past during complex data mining software integrations, and I can enthusiastically attest to his mastery of all things related to data mining and advanced pattern recognition. He not only has a deep understanding of this complex field, but can also effectively train a relative novice business user to perform successful data modeling.

Eric Vogan

Customer Success Manager at Select Star

Eric Vogan

I have had the pleasure to work with Dean on a number of predictive modeling projects over the last few years. Dean is an incredibly bright individual who finds patterns in data that very few other people can. I have seen a number of his models deployed to great success.

Matt Tessar

Co-Founder and CTO at Tesmo

Matt Tessar

Dean is very bright and knowledgeable on data mining. His vast analytical skills are among the best I've encountered and being a Mathematical Statistician by education, that's saying something! Dean has a great presence and is not your typical analyst. He communicates in a clear manner, is very personable, and has a unique ability to determine the business impact of data mining. Dean sees things most of us are blind to and is very gracious is sharing his insight. He is a great speaker, profound teacher, and just a joy to experience. I'd recommend Dean to anyone seeking answers in the mystery of data.

Lynne White

Indoor Environmental Consultant - EMF Consultant

Lynne White

I had the pleasure of working with Dean while I was with the Los Angeles Times. In his capacity as a service provider Dean delivered key circulation models on time and within budget. As an instructor, he shared his vast knowledge of regression analysis and predictive modeling thus raising my department's capabilities significantly. I highly recommend Dean's work and he will be the first person I call if my clients need predictive modeling. Greg Timpany formerly of the Los Angeles Times now with Wilkin Guge Marketing

Greg Timpany

Business Insights Lead at Dairy MAX

Greg Timpany

Dean is the "full package": he's technically steeped in data mining methodology; he's a true business consultant who fully assesses a situation and environment before implementation, and he's a highly effective instructor and mentor to transfer the knowledge and reinforce skills for clients to adopt their own predictive modeling practice. I have engaged Dean frequently over the last 11 years, and for good reason. He receives exemplary feedback from clients and his enthusiasm for machine learning is contagious!

Eric King

President & Owner at TMA, LLC

Eric King

Dean is undoubtly one of the top independent Data Mining consultants in the market. Aside from his deep experience with applied statistics and analytics, he excels as an expert trainer able to present complex topics to audiences of all backgrounds. To top that, he's a gentlemen and a wonderful person to work with..

Daniele Micci-Barreca

Data Science @ Google Search | ex Uber | ex DS Entrepreneur | Data Science Veteran

Daniele Micci-Barreca

Dean Abbott has offered predictive analytic workshops throughout the country and the feedback from those who attend is always very positive. I have had the pleasure of working with Dean so that he can use STATISTICA at these workshops and provide the attendees with hands-on experience with this highly rated predictive analytics software. I never hesitate to recommend one of Dean's courses.

Win Noren

Director Of Operations at WarePig

Win Noren

If you get an opportunity to work with Dean, you would be a fool not to take it! Sure, he's a data mining and machine learning genius. Of course, he's created some of the very best data mining books ever written. Yes, he has incredible people skills. Yet his ability to combine state-of-the-art analytics with pragmatic business issues is truly a wonder to behold. When I grow up, I want to be a consultant like Dean Abbott!!! :-)

T. Scott Clendaniel

Vice President of Data Science at Analytic Edge

T. Scott Clendaniel

I was very fortunate to work with Dean on the executive team at SmarterHQ. Dean is masterful at blending data science with a deep understanding of retail customer behavior. He always lets the data drive his decisions, and he inspires innovative, data-driven approaches to problem-solving on his team. More personally, Dean exudes positive energy and brings a constructive approach to difficult situations, making him an absolute pleasure to work with “in the trenches” of a high-growth startup.

Ryan Cush

VP, Strategic Account Management

Ryan Cush

Dean is a seasoned and practical data miner who is open minded.He's constantly seeking out new tools, methodologies and incorporating them into his thought process and work product. He's the perfect combination of experiential knowledge and inferential learning.Plus he's grounded and a great all around person. Working with Dean is fun and you'll always learn something new!

Michele Chambers

B2B fractional CMO | AI | ML | Data | Security | CleanTech

Michele Chambers

Dean Abbott is the quintessential data mining rock star: a top-notch hands on practitioner of predictive analytics and a fantastic communicator. I've had the pleasure to work with him as a senior consultant on client projects, as a 5-star-rated conference speaker I've repeatedly enlisted for Predictive Analytics World (, and as an acclaimed workshop instructor at the same event. You get the best of all worlds with Dean: deep analytical insights, stellar execution, clear communication, and contagious enthusiasm..

Eric Siegel

Founder of Machine Learning Week, former Columbia professor, bestselling author

 Eric Siegel

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