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Consulted for top companies


Orincon (now Lockheed Martin)
Elite Analytics (no longer active)
SPSS (now IBM)
Elder Research, Inc.
The Modeling Agency (now TMA, LLC)
Seer Analytics, LLC



Partner: Seer Analytics; Survey analysis, likelihood to renew, recommend to a friend, satisfaction

 Department of Treasury: IRS (LMSB, now LB&I)

Partner: The Modeling Agency;

Noncompliance for large corporate tax returns: S-Corps (F1120S), Partnerships (F1065), C-Corps

Center for SEAL and SWCC (Navy Special Warfare Command)

Partner: Elder Research and IBM; Predict candidates who will continue Phase I training through Hell Week; Optimize candidate selection for Chief Petty Officer review.

TN Marketing

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Ensemble modeling for upsell modeling, subscription modeling

Revenue Canada

Parter: Elite Analytics; Predict tax owed by non-filer, age and recovery potential of tax debt

Department of Defense: Air Force

Partner: Intelligent Automation Corporation; Predict LD50 toxicity likelihood for compounds based on chemical structure.

 Department of Defense: Marine Corps

Partner: Orincon; Predict likelihood of future severe failure of engines

Department of Defense: Defense Finance Accounting Service

Partner: Elder Research; Identify invoices likely to be suspicious/improper; Identify government credit card misuse

Peregrine Systems (acquired by HP)

Partner: Elder Research; “Optimal IT”; model IT support bottlenecks and optimize prioritization of tickets


Partner: The Modeling Agency; Likelihood to respond to contact; customer segmentation


Cross-sell and churn modeling; data scientist hiring process/test

Kaiser Permanente

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Medicare customer acquisition.

Los Angeles Times

Partner: The Modeling Agency; Predict new subscriptions, renewed subscriptions; subscription forecasting

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Partner: Elite Analytics; Predict age and recovery potential of tax debt

Alaska Airlines

Partner: The Modeling Agency; On-time likelihood models


Partner: The Modeling Agency; Metadata analysis to determine if Ragweed is resistant to Roundup (presented at Southern Weed Society conference)